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Just like there are different types of roommates and tenants, there are different types of landlords. Some landlords are aloof and let a property manager take care of their properties, while others are hands-on and like to know about every leak, creak, and draft on their properties.

Find out what type of landlord you are and how a property management app like RentVue can help simplify your property management style.

The “Parent” Landlord

The “parent” landlord cares deeply about the wellbeing of their tenants and the safety of their properties. They like to get to know their tenants and don’t shy away from offering life advice or guidance. 

Tenants know that when they report issues on the property, the “parent” landlord schedules maintenance right away or comes over themself to fix the problem. They’re pretty handy and more than willing to show their tenants how to perform basic maintenance and repairs if they’re interested.

RentVue is a great option for the “parent” landlord because it allows them to keep tabs on their tenants and their properties without becoming a “hover parent.”

The “Hands-Off” Landlord

The “hands-off” landlord doesn’t like to be bothered unless it’s absolutely necessary. They trust a property manager to find tenants, collect rent, and schedule maintenance. While this type of landlord may seem like they don’t care, they’re actually very particular about the tenants who rent their property and how the property manager looks after it.
A property management app like RentVue is perfect for this type of landlord because the app still does all the work for them while lowering their expenses. All management processes are simplified while still keeping the landlord’s interests in mind.

The “Commander” Landlord

The “commander” landlord runs a tight ship and likes to keep their properties in pristine condition. Their lease agreements include an extensive list of rules, their background checks are thorough and precise, and they don’t hesitate to withhold deposits for any level of damage or messes left on the property.

The “commander” has maintenance services scheduled like clockwork to ensure that all appliances, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are always working at an optimal level. If there’s an emergency, they’re quick to respond and mitigate the problem.

A property management app like RentVue is a dream come true for the “commander” landlord because they can manage all of their properties using one resource. They can review tenants, request rent, deliver eviction notices, schedule maintenance and repairs, and so much more.

The “Roomie” Landlord

“Roomie” landlords are similar to “parent” landlords in that they care about the wellbeing of their tenants and are more hands-on with management, except that they also live on the property with their tenants. 

“Roomie” landlords are pretty laid back and just appreciate having the company and assistance from their tenants to pay their mortgage. Since they live on the property they rent, “roomie” landlords are more aware of the day-to-day happenings and any issues that arise. This means that maintenance is scheduled quickly when necessary and they’re fully aware of their tenants’ behaviors.

The RentVue property management app keeps things professional between the “roomie” landlord and their tenants/roommates by being able to request rent through notifications and schedule maintenance as soon as there’s a problem. Much of their interactions are face-to-face, but RentVue establishes more respect between landlord and tenant roommates.

Schedule Maintenance, Manage Tenants, Reduce Expenses

No matter what type of landlord you are, a property management app like RentVue offers a way to continue managing your properties, but with more ease and fewer expenses. Request a demo today to get started and experience what life could be like without the frustrations of working with a property manager.

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